Craniosacral Therapy is an incredibly gentle modality that can achieve powerful results. It focuses on releasing fascial restrictions within the craniosacral system (within the skull and spinal column); balancing and improving the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and promoting overall well-being.  It can be especially helpful for those with chronic musculoskeletal tension and discomfort, and those living with migraines. 

Craniosacral is not suitable for for those with Arnold-Chiari Malformation / Chiari Malformation, or Aneurysm.

Cupping Massage

This amazingly relaxing and effective massage therapy work uses silicone cups during the massage session (both stationary cups on focus areas, and moving cups utilized with gliding effleurage techniques) to free up adhesions and restrictions, reduce discomfort, and increase range of motion.  It is a great option for athletes; for those who have chronic muscular tension, and for those who could benefit from deep tissue work that doesn't feel as intense as traditional deep tissue.  Just 5 minutes of cupping can be as effective as 30 minutes of deep tissue! 

Because Cupping Massage impacts both the lymphatic and vascular systems (increasing lymphatic and blood flow) it is not suitable for anyone who has major health issues such as compromised immune system, active cancer, heart disease or cardiovascular issues, blood clots / DVT, or for individuals who have lymphedema, undiagnosed swelling, or who have had lymph nodes biopsied or removed. Cupping Massage is not appropriate for those who are pregnant.  If you are in good health and are able to get circulatory massages / Deep Tissue massages then Cupping Massage is a wonderful modality to add to your wellness routine.

Deep Tissue Massage

In Deep Tissue Massage practitioners orient their direction of force through the table rather than parallel to the table (as is done with Swedish). Techniques used tend to focus on freeing up restrictions / adhesions, broadening and lengthening muscle tissue, increasing range of motion, and helping to reduce chronic tension patterns.  Pressure used does not have to be heavy or aggressive to be effective; always have your therapist work within your tolerance levels so that you remain comfortable throughout the session.

Deep Tissue Massage is not appropriate for those with major health issues, such as active cancer, compromised lymphatic systems, heart / cardiovascular disease, and may not be suitable for those with kidney disease / diabetes.  It is not appropriate for those with blood clots, DVT, or for those with bleeding disorders, or who take blood thinners.  Deep Tissue Massage is not appropriate for those who are pregnant.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Massage

Soothing - Relaxing - Uplifting - Essential oils are wonderful to work with and a delightful addition to any massage therapy session.  There are oils containing compounds that are known to ease muscular tension and aches from general over use and aging. There are oils containing properties that 

Heated Himalayan Salt Stone

This is a delightful form of Hot Stone massage that utilizes hot Himalayan Salt "stones" of various shapes and sizes (circular, oval, teardrop, heart and more) to soothe sore muscles and melt away tension and day-to-day stress, promoting increased relaxation and decreased discomfort.  It is a great option for those who could benefit from but don't enjoy Deep Tissue work, as the heat from the stones helps to warm and soften the tissues and bring fresh blood into areas of restriction and discomfort.  It is an incredibly relaxing massage modality.

Heated Salt Stone Massage / Hot Stone Massage is not appropriate for those with fragile or delicate skin, or for those who are pregnant. It may not be suitable for those with diabetes / kidney disease, compromised immune systems, active cancers, or multiple sclerosis (MS). It is not suitable for those who have been advised to avoid saunas, hot tubs, or prolonged exposure to heat by their doctor.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing session that utilizes long gliding effleurage strokes and kneading techniques (petrissage) to gently ease away tension and stress, soothe sore muscles, promote increased blood flow throughout the tissues, and induce deep tranquility and rejuvenation for mind, body and spirit.  Pressure used can vary depending on guest's needs and preferences, from very light to firm.

Swedish massage is not appropriate for those with blood clots / DVT.  Swedish massage may not be suitable for those with advanced cardiovascular or kidney disease, or advanced diabetes.  It may not be suitable for those with Hemophilia, or for those with with severe varicose veins.

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